Since the formation of the jacket,the style of evolution can be said to be different:different political and economic environment,different occasions,people,age,occupation,etc,which have a great impact on the shape of the jacket. In the history of the world's clothing,as the jacket from the use of functional points can be summarized into three categories: as a uniform jacket; as a plain jacket; as a dress jacket. In modern life,the jacket is light and comfortable features,jackets must be the same as other types of clothing styles,with a more innovative attitude in the world of clothing life.

Accessories with the importance of clothing accounted for more than 40%,because the good mix often play a key role in accessories. A suitable jacket can make people more confident,calm,youth,flying.

So when you buy a jacket,firstly you have to choose a different style according to your body.

Body fat,can choose V-collar single-row buckle decorative jacket,so that the wearer has a shoulder shortening,neck elongated effect.

Body fat women,such as the choice of only with the main line or broken knife back of the jacket,will highlight the body's lines,appear slim,delicate.

Small people,should pay attention to the relatively simple,collar not too much,the front door decoration can not be too complicated,otherwise,will make the body look shorter.

Second,according to their own body and skin color selection of different colors of the jacket. If the body is fat,choose a cool tone of the jacket,giving a strong,full of youthful feeling. If the body is shorter or taller,choose a warm jacket,you can make the wearer look tall and more robust. In addition,the purchase of jackets as the purchase of other clothing,have to pay attention to its size and quality. The length of the jacket is slightly shorter than the tunic or suit,usually the body standing,hands naturally drooping,wrist and the Department prevail. When fitting,the chest should be slightly wider,the back should be appropriate,forward without hand when the sense of restraint.

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